Web Design, Flash Sites

Flash Sites, Tutorials and goodies
Flash 99 Good
Flash Guru Extensions
Resources from Flash kit
Flash Adobe Tutorials
Flash Free Tutorials
Flash Adobe Exchange

Flash Sites, Directories
Flash tv *****
Best use of Games
Favorite website Award *****
The Webby Awards
Flash Storytelling Competition *****

Flash Sites, 2D style Interface
Bread n Butter Style, Great use of 2D graphics
Dzinen Motion *****
Havaianas *****
Granny Good Guns*****
kinetic Interactive Design Advertising
Lowebull, Hand sketched style graphics
Loworks, Hand sketched style graphics *****
Typeflake *****

Flash Sites, Games and film
Get the Glass, Got Milk Game*****
Paper Critters, On Line Paper Toy Creator *****
Myst game *****
Miniclip, very clean no pop-up's *****

Flash Sites, General Interactive
Don't Click, a must see navegation approach *****
Great user interface,*****
The Magic Numbers Poster Wall,*****

Flash Sites, Graphic-site Designers
2 Advanced Studio LLC *****
2 Advanced Studio Official Blog
3d Sign
Agency Net
Bionic-systems, Studio for
Design & New Media *****

Brad Miller Studio *****
Bobs Cube, Great Interface *****
Crommcruac, a must see navegation *****
Cultivator Ads, a must see navegation *****
Domani Studios, see their work area
Dream Studio Design *****
Double Plus
Grupo W
Hello Code, experience the navegation! *****
Hello Design-aiwa
HotMonkey Design *****
Hypnotized, Graphic-web deign
karma Production
Leo Burnett, Best use of graphics *****
Magicsocket, Great Potfolio
Makine Studios *****
Marina Penno, a must see site*****
Neostream, Excelent use of Flash *****
Minority, Agencia De Publicidad, inteligente navegacion *****
Mode-online *****
Nat Smash, Great site *****
Wiretree Website Design
New Panic, clever intro *****
Noreign Studios
North kingdom *****
PaperJam Design
Peepshow, experience the navegation! *****
pzl,experience the navegation! *****
Romain Gruner
Ron Jonzo *****
Save Your Self
Sensetitol, experience the navegation! *****
Septime-creation, a must see Site *****
Sofake *****
Sonicboom *****
Spike DDB *****
Stereoplastic, love thier Mini Sidewalk work *****+
Stiff-Trevillion *****
Tokyo Plastic, a must see site *****+

Flash Sites, Illustrator, designers
Alberto Cerriteno
Brad Miller Studio

Flash Sites, Photography & Art
Bernhard Wolff
Christo Caran, Simple but effective interface *****
caracoline.com/Robotmania, Nice gallery features
kristina Dragomir, Simple but effective interface *****
Lifevisuals *****
Seb Janiak, Photographer-Film Director *****
Sonja Mueller *****

Flash Sites, Professional Services Architetural
Foster Architects
Jackuelyn Guevarra, Interior Designer
Stiff-Trevillion, great use of flash-photography *****
Sunglass, simple very effective navegation *****

Flash Sites, Professional Services
Hstec, simple very effective navegation *****

Flash Sites, Promotional
The Book Of Cool site *****
Corpse Bride Movie, a must see Flash graphics *****
Freddy Fusion
Sukiland, movie *****
Tishara, a must see for all reasons *****

Flash Sites, Retailer
5 Oaks
Addidas, Streetball
Bacardi Mojito
Bebop Jeans, Best use of Aesthetics *****
Criminal Clothing, Clever effects *****
Forza Motorsport
Freedom Of The Seas, Best use of video *****
Inca-tv Lifts, simple very effective navegation *****
Living Divani, effective navegation
Motorola Colors *****
Nestea Cool, cool Ok *****
Tijuana flats
XTR Shimano *****

Flash Sites, Retailer Automotive
Audi R8, a must see use of video/flash *****
Focu Style
Mini Sidewalk *****
Six Journeys, Mercedes-Benz***** Simply Great

Flash Sites, Reatiler Software
Adobe Creative Mind *****

Flash Sites, Technical, Instructional Assembly Procedures in Flash
Reference, Steel Cable Assembly
Reference, Installation Assembly


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